Here's to Your Perfect Wedding...

Some Examples-

We wrote something special for a bride to give her sister as an appreciation gift engraved in a dual frame with a picture of the two of them. <3

For love, advice, and memories

A place you can depend

Where laughter, tears and late night talks

Help broken hearts to mend

The one who always keeps me straight

And speaks only what’s true

A sister, friend, or in one word

Of course that word is YOU

Here I worked with a maid of honor and had a lot of fun getting to know this beautiful couple!


I would like to thank everyone for celebrating in this wonderful event and thank you, Camryn and Ryan for letting me be a part of your special day. 

While I shuffled through the memories I had with Camryn, I came up with a huge list that almost seems embarrassing to recite.  Because we all know how much Camryn loves to be embarrassed,
how could I resist on her wedding day? 

Though we have been friends since we could barely stand, it wasn’t until we got a little older where
I started listening to Camryn and getting myself into trouble. I remember it like it was yesterday, we were about five years old. Camryn insisted it was a good idea to enhance our gymnastic abilities with my mother’s dresser, you know the perfect tumbling apparatus. Well it only took one jump off the dresser and onto the bed for the dresser to tip over and crack. Safe to say my tumbling days were over. And to this day I still struggle attempting a backward roll! Thanks Cammie!

As we continued to get older we remained inseparable. Camryn, you would always make comments about never having a sister but I can assure you, you will always have one!

Camryn is not only honest, understanding, and generous, but also someone who would do absolutely anything for anyone. -Even help me write that part of the speech…..kidding of course!

In all seriousness, Camryn is genuinely the best person I know. Over our lifetime of friendship we have been through it all. Ups and downs, fails and wins, laughter and sadness. And for someone like that I wish only the utmost happiness in the world. And that she found in Ryan…

When I first met Ryan I felt like I was meeting a replica of my best friend. Who else finds keyboard kitty THAT funny! They were perfect! I have seen Ryan wipe Camyrn’s tears, make her smile on any occasion, and make her heart whole. Ryan, thank you for being the wonderful person that you are.


I love you both so much and could not be happier for you as you embark on your new journey together. Please join me in wishing this amazing couple a lifetime of love and happiness. Here is to your happily ever after…To the Bride and Groom!