Because, You're Perfect

Sending an ‘I love you’ just because is one of our favorites. Here we wanted to capture the love between a grandson and his Pop Pop. This was printed in a photo book with pictures of the two of them <3

I love my Pop Pop dearly

Now let me tell you why

It’s hard to pick my favorites

But I’ll do my best to try.

It’s the little things like building blocks

As you watch me tear them down.

And setting them for me again

Before I turn around.

Or trips around the living room

By foot or on your knees.

Forget knee pain and brush burns

You got around with ease.

Don’t forget the “rock-a-baby”

And sitting watching fish

It’s all the moments just like these

That I’ll keep and will cherish.

There is one thing that stands alone

One thing above the rest

The love and thought that comes along

Making my treasure chest.

Always know how much I love you

And how grateful I’ll always be

For these memories with my Pop Pop

Will forever stay with me.

       And just to let someone know how much you appreciate them <3

I know sometimes you think I’m off

Or that I just don’t care

But you can’t see inside my heart

Or even times I stare.

I notice all the little things

And everything you do.

So know with every breath you take

How much that I love you.

For every load of laundry

For every single dish

to the sound of all your laughter

and every good night kiss.

You make me a better person

Please know this much is true.

I will forever be right here

And it’s just me and you.

Even grown sons want to let their father know just how much they care<3

I remember all the moments

Whether it be big or small,

And hope you know how much they meant

As I recount them all.

I remember how we wrestled

And I would punch and fight,

But somehow you would always win

Though I tried with all my might.

I remember all our camping trips

Even times when we’d break down

And running through the junkyard

Where you let us play around.

I remember learning how to build,

The tricks that you taught me

Which may have led to all those nails

I hammered to your tree.

I remember our times hunting

And getting my first deer

That’s why it’s so important

I go out there every year.

I remember to be grateful

For the help that you have brought

On each and every project

You come through without a thought.

I remember when you held my son

The pride felt in my heart

In knowing that I’d be okay

To take over your part.

To be the friend, the father,

The best man I could be

As I always will remember

The love you give to me.