Your Sweetest Stories 


You have heard of the poems of firsts for newlyweds, how about for new parents? Here is a peek at one written for the perfect baby shower gift!

-First Nursery-
You’ve tied up the ribbons

And cute little bows

You’ve unpacked the books

And hung up the clothes.

The room is all ready

The moment is near

A couple more weeks

Til’ baby is here.

Raise up your glass

Of sparkling cider

and cheers to the room

that now looks much brighter.

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We also captured a sweet message that was printed on canvas and displayed on a gift table at a baby shower.

Ten tiny fingers

And ten tiny toes

Chubby little cheeks

And perfect rounded nose.

Sweet little kisses

A hug, or two, or three.

Fluffy yellow duckies

And constant ABC’s.

Here’s to all the moments

That are sure to welcome you

Congrats to you, new mama

And all that is brand new.